Learning Figurative Language Using Technology

Pennsylvania Aligned State Standards-

1.8.6.B. Conduct inquiry and research on self- selected or assigned topics using a variety of appropriate media sources and strategies with teacher support.

1.8.6.C. Produce an organized product that presents and connects findings to support purpose, draws reasonable conclusions, and gives proper credit to sources.

1.9.6.A. Use media and technology resources for self-directed learning, group collaboration, and learning throughout the curriculum.

1.3.8.C.2. Figurative language (e.g., personification, simile, metaphor, hyperbole, allusion).

Lesson Goals and Objectives

  • Students will be able to identify, describe, and identify different types of figurative language.
  • Students will be able to conduct research and complete assessments using different types of multimedia.
  • Students will study flashcards, complete an online scavenger hunt, participate in class discussions, and complete an online assessment related to figurative language.

Lesson Abstract

  • Students are required to respond to our class discussion question within our forum that can be accessed at http://pirrone208.proboards.com/. Students must also provide a detailed response to at least two of their peers.
  • On day 1, students should visit Quizlet.After accessing the site, search figurative language. Use the online flashcards to study, take practice quizzes, and to play interactive games. All of these resources can be easily accessed after choosing a file from your search. There will be a link to study, and a link to play that can be found underneath the online flashcards.
  • On day 2, the students will work within groups to complete an online figurative language scavenger hunt. The students will search the websites that are provided to answer the questions within the scavenger hunt. Students will be monitored and assessed throughout the lesson and will provide their final answers into a google form to submit their results.
  • Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet- Assessment tool used to help understand student perfromance during the lesson (Google Form).
  • On the final day, the students will be completing a teacher created online quiz based on what they have learned throughout the unit. The students will submit their name and their quiz via Google Forms. Figurative Language Quiz.

Assessment Information

  • Students are assessed throughout the lesson through group discussion, their use of media, and from the work submitted for the online scavenger hunt. The students also complete a quiz at the end of the unit to help determine student performance.
  • The students will submit their work to google forms in both the scavenger hunt, and the online quiz. Google Forms and the online quiz save data in the forms of charts and spreadsheets.