Module 3:Test Data

Figurative Language Technology Assessment Research


Students entering a new school year are often still in summer mode. It is important for educators to develop an understanding of how well their students have retained valuable information from their previous years of learning. Data retained based off of common core standards can allow an educator to build valuable lessons that can help build increased results in the future, which in turn can raise the results of state based assessments.

The following study was conducted within a 5th grade with twenty students over the course of two days. The basis of the study was to assess students using an online technological tool in order to gather data. The online assessment was ten questions long and was based on figurative language as the core standard. After completing the pre-test, students were assigned to complete an online research scavenger hunt to help them retain further information. After the students completed the assignment, they were given time to study, and then were re-assessed the following day.

The results of the study were based on the achievement of the whole group. The results from the pre-test found that at lest half of the whole group retained information based on the topic from previous years of learning. The use of technology to quickly research, assess, and gather data proved to raise the overall score of the group within 8 of the 10 possible questions. The data table below shows that some of the increases in scores may have been low, there were also major increases in several areas.
results 2.jpgStudents were given the opportunity to use technology to build their knowledge of a subject within a short time frame. Technology coupled with assessments seems to allow educators and students to quickly build their level of knowledge within common core subject areas. Technology also allows the educator to see even the slightest change in student achievement over short periods of time. Assessments that have a quick turn around will collect data that will allow the instructor to see exactly where they need to re-teach a subject. Technology based assessments and data collection will allow more time for teaching because technology has the ability to automatically gather and collect valuable data, which will decrease the educators’ paperwork.