Lesson Summary
  • Over the course of 3 days, students were taught about several different types of poetry. Students had the opportunity to analyze, identify, and develop different types of poetry throughout each lesson. The students used their knowledge from what they learned each day to complete in class and home assignments. The students were then presented with an assignment. The students were told that their assignment would be graded using a rubric. The rubric was explained to each student in detail to ensure that they knew exactly what they needed to do in order to successfully complete the assignment. The assignment asked the students to create three different poems that one way or another related to the fall season. Students were asked to create a Limerick, Haiku, and AB poem using their notes and resources to help them develop the poems correctly.

Student Work, Grades, and Rubric

Lesson Reflection
  • The students within my classroom really enjoyed working on this assignment. The rubric allowed my students to know exactly what they were supposed to do. The overall class results from the assignment has shown the the class as a whole did very well. The students within a group were able to analyze the rubric throughout the lesson to ensure that they were completing all of the required material. I really like having the opportunity to allow my students to be creative and at the same time be able to assess what they have learned. Using a rubric to identify student performance with this assignment helped me ensure how well my students grasped a subject that they were taught this week. Standardized testing on the other hand represents what the students should have learned throughout the entire year. I believe the data derived from standardized testing can be beneficial, but is not completely valid. I believe that students work better when they are able to present work using their own minds and ideas. I want my students to be able to analyze exactly what they will have to do before they are assessed. This assignment allowed my students to create work without the stress that standardized testing can bring.